This is that rare time when time (almost) stands still. Hot, leisurely–if you are blessed to take time off.

Today I embrace “kairos” vs. “chronos”–or, being present and alive to what is right here in front of me now.

(Maybe not a bad way to live even back on the job?)

Wednesday Welcome


Hope you are having a great day today. I have high hopes for planned events today. This is risky, I know–all this lofty hoping!

But, what’s the alternative? Just playing it safe and avoiding?

No way!

Bring it on!


PS I dare you to be hopeful about something today.

Quartet: Putting a Lid on Things, But, Maybe, You

Putting a Lid on Things

We all do it, of course.

We all want some things to hide

Or be hidden.

We would prefer to put a lid on it.

Make it pretty.

Cover it up.

Don’t let it spill.

Now, let’s go back to where we were…


But we know, deep in our hearts,

Whatever it was

Is still there.

There, under that lid.


Maybe the stuff we fear to expose

Would not actually kill us

If it were seen.

Maybe some of it may even have value, be redeemable.



Maybe a lot.


You see all, know all.

You can tell what’s under all of our lids.

And You still sent Jesus to

Die for us

While we were very messed up,

Sinful to the core.

Utterly unable to

Make ourselves okay.

You welcome us to come

To Your open arms

And find grace.