Listen to the noise of your life. Listen to the quiet too.

Listen to gifts; listen to losses.

Listen to grace; listen to duty.

Listen to peace.


Whispers, shouts, sometimes a clear voice, sometimes clatter.

But it all speaks–something.

Often Someone.


26 January 2018

Copyright Lois Freeman Easley

Wednesday Morning

After my earlier post this week, I’ve had increasing time/focus challenges (and, yes, opportunities, too!).

When we are growing in our desire to steward better what we’ve been entrusted, I think it’s likely that we will hit obstacles.

Maybe, in an eternal-value-system universe, those “obstacles” are actually more opportunities to see how Our Heavenly Father will show Himself strong.


Open to your thoughts, insights, revelations from God!


Carpe Diem

I am slowly getting myself organized–now that we are entering our third Post-Epiphany work-week!

(All of you whose responsibilities are largely family/social/domestic will likely identify with organizational challenges!) Complicated, of course, if you decide to take on special 30-day food challenges in January! (But, it is definitely worth it–the most sense of progress in that area I’ve ever felt–and we’re talking 4+ adult decades of that journey. But, that’s an aside.)

My prayer for all my mostly-at-home sisters is enough God-given focus to harness each block of time in your days for His purposes. This includes those mundane tasks of life as well as the more-fun, more-creative ones!

When my kids were small, life was incredibly full of activity and often it was all I could do to just keep things somewhat together–and I only had two boys! When our lives revolved around school schedules, that provided some clear structure, boundaries.

Now, in a (mostly) empty-nest (and semi-retired) season, I still have those predictable home-stuff demands, but a lot of the structuring is up to me.

I have to intentionally think beyond the laundry, food, cleaning, shopping, finances, and scheduling, or they can still fill nearly every waking minute!

Often, like when we have(had) lots of little (or big) people depending on you, that stuff is our “creative” work, our labor of love we’re called to during that season.

But, when the kids grow up and leave, when you are not working for somebody else, the picture can change a lot. There are time-chunks for creative work and/or volunteering, relationship-building, ministry-related work, assuming health permits.

I want to use well God-given opportunity of focussed time–and still get the other stuff done.