Listen to the noise of your life. Listen to the quiet too.

Listen to gifts; listen to losses.

Listen to grace; listen to duty.

Listen to peace.


Whispers, shouts, sometimes a clear voice, sometimes clatter.

But it all speaks–something.

Often Someone.


26 January 2018

Copyright Lois Freeman Easley


Wednesday Morning

After my earlier post this week, I’ve had increasing time/focus challenges (and, yes, opportunities, too!).

When we are growing in our desire to steward better what we’ve been entrusted, I think it’s likely that we will hit obstacles.

Maybe, in an eternal-value-system universe, those “obstacles” are actually more opportunities to see how Our Heavenly Father will show Himself strong.


Open to your thoughts, insights, revelations from God!


Carpe Diem

I am slowly getting myself organized–now that we are entering our third Post-Epiphany work-week!

(All of you whose responsibilities are largely family/social/domestic will likely identify with organizational challenges!) Complicated, of course, if you decide to take on special 30-day food challenges in January! (But, it is definitely worth it–the most sense of progress in that area I’ve ever felt–and we’re talking 4+ adult decades of that journey. But, that’s an aside.)

My prayer for all my mostly-at-home sisters is enough God-given focus to harness each block of time in your days for His purposes. This includes those mundane tasks of life as well as the more-fun, more-creative ones!

When my kids were small, life was incredibly full of activity and often it was all I could do to just keep things somewhat together–and I only had two boys! When our lives revolved around school schedules, that provided some clear structure, boundaries.

Now, in a (mostly) empty-nest (and semi-retired) season, I still have those predictable home-stuff demands, but a lot of the structuring is up to me.

I have to intentionally think beyond the laundry, food, cleaning, shopping, finances, and scheduling, or they can still fill nearly every waking minute!

Often, like when we have(had) lots of little (or big) people depending on you, that stuff is our “creative” work, our labor of love we’re called to during that season.

But, when the kids grow up and leave, when you are not working for somebody else, the picture can change a lot. There are time-chunks for creative work and/or volunteering, relationship-building, ministry-related work, assuming health permits.

I want to use well God-given opportunity of focussed time–and still get the other stuff done.


A New Beginning

Greetings, Everyone Listening!

I hope your New Year has gotten off to a good start. We are grateful for a great break and a new beginning.

As life speeds up again now after all the holiday fun, we anticipate a very full, rich 2018!

Immanuel–God with us. This theme has only gotten stronger–even as we all struggle at times to sense or feel just how close our Creator is to us. “The word of faith is nigh thee, even in thy mouth.”


October’s Flying By!

Yes, I know we are to only live one day at a time. So, it’s only 19th of October here in Chicagoland and we don’t need to have a conniption about the holidays coming soon.

But, as my friends and family know, my heart and mind get “Christmassy” very early in the season–actually before the season! (I just reviewed my card list and tried to fix all those snail mail address changes that have happened since last Christmas.)

Humor me. Christmas was the high point of the year in my somewhat-$-poor-but-love-rich childhood, That, and going back to school after summer! (Yes, I always loved a new school year too.) So, I’m a sentimental nerd, huh?! Methinks I’m not alone.

The world has gotten smaller out here in the city that works. We have opportunities we never thought we’d get, aging as we are, slowly!

We have recently had the joy of being around younger adults more (one, in particular!). That’s a great blessing–as are our contemporaries and beyond!!

Mostly, we socialize with our Rez folks, but the holidays and summer expand our circle quite a bit. This Fall I even get to do some work overseas & that’s amazing–since a year ago I was going to seven weeks of rehab for a new knee, as you recall.

This year is unusual because of major commitments only a few weeks before Christmas Monday. It means a different holiday schedule for our family, but, as this morning shows, we are still “creatures of habit!”

We will just put up the tree early or late. My husband likes me to leave it up until Epiphany anyway, so what’s the rush? (I’m laughing at myself, of course!) I hope any of you still reading this can laugh too.

My husband gets to be around small kids in the church toddler room on Sunday mornings during the early service (it just got earlier too!). I am not around the litttle folks much at the moment–but am sure my time will come, someday. We have plenty to do at the moment, anyway.




Summer Sanity

I am sitting in a nice cool basement–of a nice, cool library, about 15 minutes from where my husband and I live. I am having a blast.

This place is a candy store for nerds–like me!

(So are lots of libraries.)

But, I especially like this one. It is at the school where I was accepted to get an MA in Journalism. The letter came (before ordinary e-mail existed) back in Spring of 1981 when I was living and working in Dallas, Texas, as a mid-twentysomething.

I moved by the first weekend of October and the degree didn’t get completed until August of 1985, but by then I was a Mrs. and by 1992 I was a suburban mom of 2 sons–and fairly close to 40 years old!!

Now they are grown men and I am past 60 and even though working (for money) could still theoretically be possible, I am choosing to work on speculation instead. (This is a lot of what artists end up doing, I’ve gathered. Occasionally, we sell some art. That’s gratifying. But there are a lot of things besides earning per se that need to be done.) Anyway, besides the normal homemaker-stuff, I have managed to accumulate a whole lot more education along with motherhood. Now I am getting antsy to put that stuff to work in better ways–not that I haven’t already, $ or not.

So, I’m back at this dear old library, and truly enjoying it. There are several thinking-writing projects I could work on but the ones that intrigue me most are about emotions, attachment, God and relational skills. Just for starters.

Pray. This is war.