Split-second Timing

Today I was considering a leap that could cost money.

It could also spur a lot of personal and possibly professional growth.

It was a little frightening, but not super high-stakes.

Right at the point of decision to get more involved, I asked God about it.

I was nervous. (Praying is good for that.)

Right then, I got an important text message that stopped me from that decisive phone call.

I was able to back off and get some perspective and wait a bit longer.

I thank God for that significant (to me) slow-down.

Maybe I will still take that risk, but now I feel better if I do. I am not allowing myself to be time-pressed into a decision. I am giving it some time. This is not necessarily fear. It could be wisdom.

But, as we know, praying always is.


It is the day the Lord hath made…

Yes, it really is happening. Donald Trump, of all people, is actually going to be inaugurated President of the United States of America–in about one hour.

When he won, I told my husband I wanted to move to another country.

But, I have calmed down some now.

The real Authority, of all Authorities, is still the One in charge, as all who bow the knee know. We are creatures and He is Creator and truly Lord of Heaven & Earth. He raises up and puts down. He ultimately uses all lesser powers for His grace-drenched purposes of saving His people from their sins. May we fear God, in reverential awe,  and not man.

Sleepy Morning

Yes, I am sleepy–after 9am. Because I’ve been awake for about 4 hours now.

(Also carbs, probably!)

Today is a special day because I get to see a special friend I haven’t seen in a long time.

It is also special because the LORD has seen fit to bless my husband and me with four new friends staying here for a conference of Latin American church-planters!

We have been enjoying lots of table conversation with folks from Santiago, Chile, from Chula Vista, CA (and Tijiuana, Mexico), from Santa Ana, CA (and Bogota, Columbia) and Oklahoma (Tahlequah), and the Pacific Northwest USA (Idaho and Washington state and SF, CA and Dallas!).

Fortunately, everyone speaks English, even one who has just learned in the last year!

Ages range up to 71 even for these world travellers!!

Time zones span about 5-6 hours also!

So, we are having quite the party in our townhome this week–but they are soon gone and oh-so-familiar solitude returns, but even moreso for the stark contrast after all the socializing!

Perhaps some of you fellow empty-nesters out there can relate to that?

But, as I said last week, no matter how solo, we never truly walk alone, in the LORD.

May His peace be with you today!

Lois, near Chicago


New Year Thursday

What, a second post in the same week?

Yes, and other marvels, actually.

I set a goal for 2017–get my immediate physical environment unstuffed!

(This is triggered, partly, by the coming–on Monday–of 4 overnight visitors for a whole week. More people means we need to make more, livable, attractive, uncluttered space–quickly!)

But, in fact, that is just a convenient goad to help me take action on a very ongoing, lifelong challenge. It is not accumulation so much as wanting to be able to see stuff. I want it out in the open enough to find it–or, if put away, put in a predictable “default” place.

Yes, I’m certifiably ADD. Can’t really change that but can tidy up–moreso with a deadline!

(If you read this soon, and want to help, let me know!)

Here’s to the lovely spaces, surfaces, de-cluttered home we get to enjoy when it’s done!


New Year Tuesday

Yes, I realize that was a week ago for most working people. But we had an extended holiday season that ended less than 48 hours ago.

Yesterday I woke up a mere twenty minutes prior to an appointment to meet a friend at the nearby gym to walk the track. I not only walked, I went in the heated pool, also the whirlpool, and the dry sauna! So, a record for me on several counts.

At 62, with a new knee, still battling my bulges, I am thrilled at signs of progress in the right direction.

Also grateful for encouraging words from the Bible and other sources too. We do not walk alone.