A New Year, A New Place

Sunshine pours into my living room windows today on a quiet early-January Friday.

Snow is on the ground but I am plenty warm inside.

Things are nearly settled in now in our little neighborhood close to Madison’s (free!) arboretum. (Dan and I visited there one Sunday afternoon last Fall, when we were driving up from Chicagoland almost every weekend. I recall it as a poignant afternoon, being keenly aware that we are in our own “Autumn” now.)

But, how fun to have this new adventure divinely-assigned to us at this stage of life!

He surprised me with an exciting getaway weekend in honor of our 35th anniversary recently!

So, things are plenty warm here. Hope you are too.

Happy New Year!

L Easley Art Closed in Dupage County 10-30-2018

It is official. I no longer have any small businesses registered in Dupage County, Illinois.

But, I am still here, still blogging occasionally, for free (so far!), and still hope to launch washedinwonder.com in the not-too-distant future. Until then, I am learning about all that at Ruth Soukup’s EBA 3.0 training online–when I’m not packing, planning or unpacking!

Mostly right now, I’m just trying to keep my head above water during a stretched-out move between states. Never a dull moment.

As for the art, it is still a big part of my existence on Planet Earth. Rumor has it we are headed to another very art-friendly city! I’d like to plunge into that life. Pray for the Lord’s ways and means for future art-making! Thanks, and may the peace of Christ be with you!