Summer Sanity

I am sitting in a nice cool basement–of a nice, cool library, about 15 minutes from where my husband and I live. I am having a blast.

This place is a candy store for nerds–like me!

(So are lots of libraries.)

But, I especially like this one. It is at the school where I was accepted to get an MA in Journalism. The letter came (before ordinary e-mail existed) back in Spring of 1981 when I was living and working in Dallas, Texas, as a mid-twentysomething.

I moved by the first weekend of October and the degree didn’t get completed until August of 1985, but by then I was a Mrs. and by 1992 I was a suburban mom of 2 sons–and fairly close to 40 years old!!

Now they are grown men and I am past 60 and even though working (for money) could still theoretically be possible, I am choosing to work on speculation instead. (This is a lot of what artists end up doing, I’ve gathered. Occasionally, we sell some art. That’s gratifying. But there are a lot of things besides earning per se that need to be done.) Anyway, besides the normal homemaker-stuff, I have managed to accumulate a whole lot more education along with motherhood. Now I am getting antsy to put that stuff to work in better ways–not that I haven’t already, $ or not.

So, I’m back at this dear old library, and truly enjoying it. There are several thinking-writing projects I could work on but the ones that intrigue me most are about emotions, attachment, God and relational skills. Just for starters.

Pray. This is war.




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