Being Woman, Fully Alive

Our church recently did a sermon series on human sexuality–based on general and biblical revelation ( We believe the cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are what give great power and hope for a “fully-alive” sexuality in a deeply-broken world. 

Biblically, this includes accepting ourselves as God created us, male and female, as woman, as man, both together reflecting His image. 

For me, this means living and giving out of my marriage, even when I’m “out and about” involved in various activities not directly related to my home or family. My “fully-alive” challenge is to always look to Christ for my true identity, even as I live that out in marriage.

This is a paradox.

Mystery often seems to carry creative tension.

Like we let go of our lives to find them. Like crucifixion births resurrected life. Like being made into a holy, spotless Bride of Christ even though we came to Him as sinners. 

Singles too who embrace their gender gifts can richly offer love and ministry in each local body of believers. I need you as a man, you as a woman, as my brothers and sisters. We need all to own their true selves in Christ–drawing on His capacity where we each are limited. 

Yes, we come fallen and broken and bruised by our sins and the sins done against us. We are tempted to reject God’s design. This woundedness we carry needs Jesus’ touch and He does meet us when we come, as we are, to His cross. We can be washed clean. We can heal. We can love in whole, holy ways.

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