Tuesday Greetings

Hello, Blog-Readers, Friends–

This morning I’ve been challenged. To care more, listen better, stop and pray.

Also, to be realistic about the limits of any writing or other creative work we do. A difficult pill. Some outcomes we honestly have no control over, of course.

What I do control is showing up at the page, building good habits, admitting when I’m wrong and editing ruthlessly. I can improve the quality of my work.

The hard stuff of marketing and getting the word out when it’s time to “go public” with a creative project do matter. But they don’t guarantee high sales; just provide that possibility. We need to face this and still do the best work we can muster. Anyway. 

But, perfectionism can cripple any results if taken to such an extreme that we never risk much. So balance your good idealism with gutsy, eyes-open realism too. Eventually, we need to submit the manuscript, market the painting, speak the Good News boldly.

Please, Fellow-Co-creators, keep on risking what our mutual Creator has put inside you to express! All good gifts are ultimately derived from Him. Let them live. Hone your craft. Make messes. Go for it. Don’t buy lies that say you have nothing to offer. You do.

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