New Year Thursday

What, a second post in the same week?

Yes, and other marvels, actually.

I set a goal for 2017–get my immediate physical environment unstuffed!

(This is triggered, partly, by the coming–on Monday–of 4 overnight visitors for a whole week. More people means we need to make more, livable, attractive, uncluttered space–quickly!)

But, in fact, that is just a convenient goad to help me take action on a very ongoing, lifelong challenge. It is not accumulation so much as wanting to be able to see stuff. I want it out in the open enough to find it–or, if put away, put in a predictable “default” place.

Yes, I’m certifiably ADD. Can’t really change that but can tidy up–moreso with a deadline!

(If you read this soon, and want to help, let me know!)

Here’s to the lovely spaces, surfaces, de-cluttered home we get to enjoy when it’s done!


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