I was recently struck by a sentence from “How Syntax  Moves Us: Language as Dance” by Karin de  Weille in Dec 2015 issue of The Writer’s Chronicle:

“If we start with the wave, then, as it breaks and tumbles in the mind, it will make the words to fit it.”


Let there be waves.
Let them “break and tumble in the mind.”

My mind. Your mind.

Whoosh-whoosh, slap-slap, back and forth upon the beaches of our brains and the coastlines of our hearts and spirits.

Let them crash in joy and recess in quietness. Let them sometimes be gentle, other times rough–in order to break up stuff that needs to be broken up. Let what is being said truthfully soak in and what rings false dissipate before it falls down.

May the courage needed to allow the waves rise strong and sure like high tide.

And when the tide is out, may the same kind of courage give us hope that the cycle will come again.

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