Why This Blog?

(Still catching up on first Blogging 101 assignment: Introduce Yourself to the World.)

I am using a public blog instead of just my own little journal (which I also do–a lot) because I believe the passions in my heart, mind and spirit have been fanned into flame by my Creator for more than just me, especially in this current life season.

We all have been planted in a relational world, even if we feel or are isolated. Brain science has been telling us lately that each person has been wired to keep growing relationally their whole lives long. (See joystartshere.com).

I take this to mean that the Intelligent Design behind my being here on Planet Earth intended us all to share life together to some extent and this is one venue where we can do that. At least a few of us with a few of us.

It is also a laboratory for further writing projects–some maybe ending up in a more permanent form someday. Maybe.

Keeping up the blog helps me focus on my ideals and admit my humanness too. It is a good place to be here with you, Dear Reader, and I intend to keep it that way.

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