But God, that hurts!

Another oldie…

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I’m being challenged to face up to what I really think about pain and God allowing it. An old subject, but one all of us face eventually–if we even dare to go there. The Psalms have many anguished cries to God about why He’s allowing so much to go wrong sometimes. His people suffered terribly–and they didn’t always deserve it either. Neither do we always deserve our sufferings. Bad, unfair things happen.

Some suffering seems so needless and yet the Lord, in His infinite wisdom, chooses to allow it again and again. He even allowed His beloved Son to suffer. This is so hard for us. We wince at the idea that there can be good purposes in suffering. Nothing about pain seems good to us–it hurts.

Yes, part of it, maybe most of it, is due to living in a fallen world. Adam and Eve sinned and a curse…

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