New Goals, New Horizons, New Season–60 and Beyond!!

Yes, I’m back!

We are rolling, very soon!*

I can tell this is really going to be the adventure of a lifetime–and we’ll both be 60!!

Hang on!

(I will send some pix as we go.)

*31.5 years into our marriage, my husband gets 8-week Sabbatical!

(Two couples we know will take turns staying at our home during our trip.)

So, come Friday next week, it’s Banff or Bust!

(Among several other target destinations, such as

Pikes Peak, Glen Eyrie Castle,

see cousin in my birthplace: Pocatello, Idaho;

in Washington State:

high school girlfriends in Pullman and Ellensburg,

Bavarian village of Leavenworth,

brother in Bellevue,

sister in Edmonds,

more family in Kent,

visit friends in Mount Vernon, WA;

in Canada: Vancouver,

Little Shuswap Lake and

Lake Louise in Banff;

then homestretch: Glacier National Park,


Mt. Rushmore, and

The Amana Colonies in Iowa.)

Plan to also visit friends in Colorado, Iowa and Kalispell, Montana.

(Also, a few KOA tentsites!)

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