On Creative Writing…as a Christian

Besides those tried-and-sometimes-true standards we writer-types have always been taught,* when I approach the whole topic of creative writing from a biblical world view, I have another list:

Let your yes be yes, your no, no. (sincerity, truthfulness, clarity).
Focus on those things which are excellent, virtuous, praiseworthy.

Even though originality can draw in, be winsome, refreshing, needed,
the old,old story is still The Story.

I.e., Sacred Romance is echoed in our romances,
Cosmic Conflict in our smaller wars (and stories about them),
Divine Poema–His Workmanship–is the ultimate poem.

To say it concretely, we put words together because He put us together, we love because He loved us first, we have life because He won against death.


*Show, don’t tell;
put your heart into it (but avoid sentimentality!);
go for the juglar–blood and guts, conflict, war, birth, death, tragedy, humor, gusto in all its forms;
the cardinal sin is to be dull;
use concrete sensory imagery, i.e., avoid abstraction;
a story has a beginning, middle and end,
and, always, "delete unnecessary words," a la Strunk & White’s Elements of Style.

2 thoughts on “On Creative Writing…as a Christian

  1. … and unless you wish only
    to read to the book club,
    like preaching to the choir,
    christianese code speech
    just will not those you wish
    to reach.
    I’m still learning to connect
    with the inner yearning of the listener, before they reach
    for the ‘off switch’.
    Our brains are versatile enough
    to jump the neural pathways
    of a thousand sermons.
    With the Spirit revealing the
    true heart of the Son, towards
    the ears of those truly seaching.
    A whisper of truth
    rather than a religious sledgehammer.
    Keep on seeking.Keep on writing.
    ~ Yours in Christ, David.


  2. Thanks for your comment, David! Sorry it took me so long to approve it on the blog. (I am in process of building a new blog, Washed in Wonder.com (not public yet), and have also been traveling a bit.)


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