After the 4th

Back to the Work-a-day World after a hugely social weekend is quite an adjustment for this empty-nester-turned full-house-again-for-summer mother of adults!

But I’m actually glad for some sense of normalcy after all the hoopla over the weekend. (Our "hoopla" is really pretty mundane, but it’s a lot different than Tuesday-morning-back-to-work!)

Much to reflect on, though, as my youngest has a serious steady (remember that word?) for the first time in his 19-year-old life. Serious as in now coming to family gatherings on a regular basis. My older son is explaining DNA molecules to me at the breakfast table–before my first cup of coffee! In fairness, I’m trying to explain "the abundant life" to him about the same time!

But I’m really glad to be re-learning about it (abundant life) myself.

If this is like DNA molecules to you, check out John 10:10 in the New Testament. If you are interested in discussing it further, I’m game! Comments, questions, interaction is most welcome!

Happy Tuesday!

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