Family Reunions

Today we make the annual pilgrimage to my hometown and relatives. I’m glad we can afford to go, all of our immediate family even. Since the nest emptied out last fall (a first for us 50-something parents), we’ve been enjoying a couple weeks all back together already this summer.

Now we get to really be back together–in a Motel 6 room for 9 nights!! But we’ll not be there much–the family is all over that city and we’ll be with my 87-year-old mom a lot too. I’m struck by how the Lord provided a free house-sitter for us just at the last minute almost and without a lot of effort on my part!! There’s a mysterious connectedness in the Body of Christ and He’s okay with pulling us together from unexpected places at unexpected times–all for His great purposes. I’m glad, for example, that He chose to give a special break to myself and a friend (who’s about to move out-of-state to go to seminary) yesterday morning. We just sat and talked and enjoyed some tea together. It was a gift.

“Out-of-state friends” is getting to be a norm for me. This is the third one moving away in about a year! I need to call one who called me yesterday–also the one I talked with Wednesday early. Again, this connectedness is deeper than many because of our common rootedness in Christ. Proximity and mutual need, common interests, walking partners–all combine, but the biggest bond is knowing we’re eternally connected in the Lord of Glory.

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