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Today is the Deep Chill after the Historic Blizzard. My husband went back to the office after working two days in the house (with some breaks to go shovel snow).

I had so much fun on the days I knew I had plenty of time. I took pictures of the snow. I went out in it–briefly! I enjoyed the day. I had hot chocolate and called my mother in Seattle. I wasn’t so obsessed with keeping on top of every e-mail message as I was again today. It’s not a great way to live–doing that all day long. But it seems to be expected now in many quarters. I suppose the pertinent point is that I expect it now. But is it worth it? Yes, some details get cared for in a very timely fashion and I like that. Efficiency is usually very helpful in our overloaded, over-busy, over-cluttered, over-hurried world. Snow days just have a way of reminding you that there’s a lot that’s really wonderful that has nothing to do with getting things done asap.

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