Is that frost out there?

October’s chilly mornings have come late this year.  But they have started.  We Midwesterners know what this means, at least for us.  Some years we make an all-too-rapid shift from warm, carefree summer and Indian summer days to bitter cold, heavy coats and snowplows.

Yes, sometimes nice days come even into Late Autumn.  One Christmas soon after my arrival in Chicagoland over a quarter-century ago the temperature was 67 degrees Fahrenheit.  Soon thereafter we had 80 below wind chill and could not start our cars to go to church.

I know we’ll get through winter—we always do.  Spring always comes and it’s often absolutely glorious here.  It was this year.  A great feast for eyes, nose and skin.  Hey, snow can even be beautiful, I know that.  Hot chocolate and cuddling aren’t bad.

And there’s always Christmas.


Easter does come, too.  I know all this.

So why does that hint of gray chill creep into my nervous system like an unwelcome ghost who threatens to outwear his welcome?  Because winter has a habit of staying around an awfully long time up here.  Guess it’s those twenty-something years I lived in warmer climes.  (Then I got very excited just to see a snowflake!  I was naïve.)

But I will buck up.

I will have an attitude of gratitude.

There are many blessings—even in a Chicago winter.

We have central heating.

We have emergency supplies, should a blizzard strike.

Our pipes have never frozen.

I like hot chocolate.

And Christmas too, in fact.

Every year.

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