Poem for a Saturday Afternoon

Pepsi Zero



Down my throat

And promises gassy burps soon.

Zero calories, zero carbs, zero caffeine even.

Just sodium, a little

And some chemicals to make the burps.

But I like it




Me, forever soaked

And promises constant care, security.

Infinite warmth, sweetness, high highs

And very low lows.

But I’ll take it

Any day.

Copyright 2010 Lois Easley

One thought on “Poem for a Saturday Afternoon

  1. Something else just got impressed upon me:

    The range of fiction out there is like the range of food: Junk to Gourmet. Some of it is full of sugar and can make you sick. Some of it is just lovely—you’ll savor every bite.

    Feed on the good stuff.

    Food and otherwise.


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