Giving Thanks

On the eve of a major move to a new state, I am thankful for a generously loaned home for our local family holiday.

Also, for young adult nieces who help cook!!



L Easley Art Closed in Dupage County 10-30-2018

It is official. I no longer have any small businesses registered in Dupage County, Illinois.

But, I am still here, still blogging occasionally, for free (so far!), and still hope to launch in the not-too-distant future. Until then, I am learning about all that at Ruth Soukup’s EBA 3.0 training online–when I’m not packing, planning or unpacking!

Mostly right now, I’m just trying to keep my head above water during a stretched-out move between states. Never a dull moment.

As for the art, it is still a big part of my existence on Planet Earth. Rumor has it we are headed to another very art-friendly city! I’d like to plunge into that life. Pray for the Lord’s ways and means for future art-making! Thanks, and may the peace of Christ be with you!





Update on L Easley Art

A while back I posted that my former website had been shut down.

(It still is.)

I am still L Easley and I still occasionally make art.

However, I am moving to Madison, Wisconson soon, and the art business is registered in DuPage County in the Chicago Western Suburbs.

I hope to launch a new URL after the move, and it will not be limited to any one county or state.

Until then, this is still where I hang out in BLOG-LAND online. (Also, Lois Freeman Easley on fb and LoisYEasley1 on Twitter and Easley62 on Skype and loiseasley on Instagram.)

Things are exciting on our end right now, as it seems to be a divinely-orchestrated change for my husband and me.

More news soon, I hope!

Pruning Books

Miracles still happen. I just donated a lot of good books (11 boxes!) to the Glen Ellyn University Women’s Book Sale (happens next May). Also, I closed my online lists at (At one point I thought I’d loan or give away books via that avenue but didn’t get many takers.)

It actually feels pretty good, but I do really love good books. We are moving to Madison, WI soon, Lord willing, and they have great libraries! Nothing like a move to help me let go of a lot of excess weight!

And then there’s always Kindle…

Blessings to all my fellow book-lovers out there!


Waning Summer

4 young adult cousins of our 2 now-adult sons have made a cross-country roadtrip from Seattle to the Midwest & are now asleep in our Chicago townhouse! We got to The Art Institute yesterday–a rare treat!

Wish our eldest was here to enjoy these 4 too! Alas, his high schol job is about to start up again! Google Maps tells me it’s exactly 5 hrs & 47 min from here to his home in MO. Also, same exact time from there to our future home, Lord willing, soon, in Madison!