50K Done!!

Amazing, but true–and, admittedly very, very rough draft, with tons of personal notes, rabbit trails!! I got that many words out–2 days before deadline!! I am quite surprised and grateful to find out how much I still care, can actually invest, in a stab at fiction!  Thanks to all you encouragers!!

By the way, it could take a lot longer to turn what I have into presentable form, but it’s on my agenda! This one is the “Drew and Lily Story” and no good working title yet.

Novel-Writing Month!

I decided, howbeit late, to plunge into the NaNoWriMo writing challenge for this month. It means I get to try to produce 50,000 words (about 200 double-spaced pages), a rough draft of a novel–before December 1st! There are thousands of other writers also participating around the world and local “Write-In” groups who meet up at libraries and other places to encourage their writing production in November.

The real goal, for me, is to put in full-time hours at writing.

This does not mean that what is done by December 1 will be at all in any form ready to publish! But, it will be something to work on–and there’s a chance it might be published someday.

So, this blog will take a rest, but I’ll be back!


What is a healthy way to think about having power–or not having it?

Today’s devotional told me to get rid of all my illusions about being in control.

The point was I need to depend on the Lord, bring everything to Him, depend on Him utterly, and enjoy the relational Reality that brings, humbling though it is.

I think I get that–at least cognitively!

Sometimes I even get it on the ground, in daily life. Where so much really seems out of my control–but not everything.

But then, maybe that’s my illusion?


It is one of those rainy Wednesday afternoons when I am home without a car.

(I really wouldn’t want to go out in this weather anyway.)

Thankfully, I have a few projects going. Then I just turn on bright lights and tune out the grey skies.

Putting things together brings me joy.

Yes, I’m Back

Yes, the knee replacement went well, and, yes, it was less than 3 weeks ago.

I am grateful to God, our warm community of friends, family and our great church too. People have stepped up to help with meals and rides and loaned medical equipment. We are showered with blessings.

Although my formal “Rehab” continues for at least 3 more weeks, I am able to walk and function almost normally. This rapid recovery is much better than I expected–but still cannot drive!

So, this means I have more blogging capacity than I expected!

An embarrassment of riches perhaps.

May it be full of real value to each of you! (Just today someone told me to reject lies that say, “I am what I do, have, or what others think of me.” Instead, embrace the truth: we are each one deeply loved by our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.)

That is value!