The Son is so bright

He obliterates night

So we can see.


Defining Blog Niche

I am participating in a special “Blog Bootcamp” the next 5 days and have been asked to tell fellow-bloggers what my blog’s “niche” is. So, I said:

Evangelical English-speakers involved in lay ministry, with a special emphasis on the way art, creativity, writing and home-life/relationships impact (and are impacted by) our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

As anyone who follows my blog can tell, this is very-much a work in progress, as am I. If you resonate at all with the above description, I’d like to know. Thanks for listening.



Listen to the noise of your life. Listen to the quiet too.

Listen to gifts; listen to losses.

Listen to grace; listen to duty.

Listen to peace.


Whispers, shouts, sometimes a clear voice, sometimes clatter.

But it all speaks–something.

Often Someone.


26 January 2018

Copyright Lois Freeman Easley

Wednesday Morning

After my earlier post this week, I’ve had increasing time/focus challenges (and, yes, opportunities, too!).

When we are growing in our desire to steward better what we’ve been entrusted, I think it’s likely that we will hit obstacles.

Maybe, in an eternal-value-system universe, those “obstacles” are actually more opportunities to see how Our Heavenly Father will show Himself strong.


Open to your thoughts, insights, revelations from God!