Sleep Deprived but Happy on Wednesday

Yes, I had by trouble getting to sleep last night.
Yes, I got up and read my novel for two more hours.
Yes, I am paying for it today.
But, something leftover from those baby years must have kicked in.
I have been able to get things done.
Anyway. Better than usual even?
(But I did say no to third cup of caffeine this morning!)

Maybe I’m happy because I made myself do things long overdue that I’d been putting off!!

Just maybe. But probably because I know I am loved. You are too, by our Heavenly Father Who notices when a bird falls–and keeps count of hairs on your head.


“Accepted in the Beloved” sounds like 100%, fully-complete, A-1 “okay-ness” to me.

As in, “just-as-if-I’d-never-sinned” definition of “justification” I remember hearing from my mom as a teen.

So, then, why do many of us still struggle so much to see ourselves as really, completely, accepted?

The “world, the flesh, and the devil” send lots different messages than our Heavenly Father does. Jesus is the Beloved and in Him we are too. Who would you rather listen to?

Time Out

Sitting with a nanogenarian slows me down–not a bad thing.

Thankful for the chance, for a mom-in-law who can still have a chat, face to face.

Very thankful.

My visits to this town mark memories and occur less often now. First visit when dating my husband, later with our boys, 50th wedding anniversary of in-laws, Papa’s homegoing 12 years ago.

Oklahoma is warm, like God’s mercy in allowing our Gran some good time still. She turns 94 before June!

Also great Christian care in her assisted living quarters. Such a blessing, from Gran & Papa’s working, saving, planning and many generous people who built and gave over decades. Along with those who work and give now.
Thank you, Go Ye Village, too.