Yes, I’m Back

Yes, the knee replacement went well, and, yes, it was less than 3 weeks ago.

I am grateful to God, our warm community of friends, family and our great church too. People have stepped up to help with meals and rides and loaned medical equipment. We are showered with blessings.

Although my formal “Rehab” continues for at least 3 more weeks, I am able to walk and function almost normally. This rapid recovery is much better than I expected–but still cannot drive!

So, this means I have more blogging capacity than I expected!

An embarrassment of riches perhaps.

May it be full of real value to each of you! (Just today someone told me to reject lies that say, “I am what I do, have, or what others think of me.” Instead, embrace the truth: we are each one deeply loved by our Heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.)

That is value!

Forward, Ho!

Yes, it is nearly that time now. 

Tuesday, next. 

Total Titanium left Knee for me. 


Then 6 weeks rehab…may be up, out, even driving sooner, they tell me. 

Well, good. 

(Been in the works since 2007 first visit to my great orthopaedic surgeon! Those orthovisc/now monovisc shots really worked for me a long time, thank the Lord! But, knee is telling me,  let’s get this done already!!)

Blogging likely to return soon!


Deadlines do that–make me focus. Surgery has been scheduled–4 weeks from today!

I am grateful–and overloaded with details–but they are all getting dealt with, swiftly!

Nothing like knowing you will be knocked out on pain meds and not able to drive for maybe a month!

Time to stock the freezer with good food to warm up quickly.

Time to move the muscles, prepping for those weeks of post-op rehab.

Time to stop and breathe too.

Always breathe.