Spirit Nudge

Quiet start to this day,
Sitting by an upstairs window,

Love calls across the gap
Between Heaven and this tiny spot
On Earth.

“I am with you,” He beckons.
“I will come and receive you to Myself
That where I am, there you may
Be also.”

Great, great joy is coming then.
Here we just have foretastes.
Some glimpses.

I am glad for those.


On My Mind Today

Lots of mental activity has clouded the gray matter since we got home 1.5 weeks ago. Scheduling and domestic details, catching up with myself and also falling behind–and it’s still August!!

One key theme is holy passion–or, genuine love, expressed in honest, tangible ways that are active and other-centered.

A recent sermon and one of our son’s online posts got me going along these lines. So has life in general!!

I am concerned about women who think their call to love means never setting boundaries. But, I also know I can be so inaccessible sometimes that I am way too isolated!! The Lord seems to change this before too long though. I am grateful for that. Life is full of gifts to thank God for.

Every day.

Back Home Nearly a Week!

I am grateful for Thursday morning sunshine, at not yet 9am here now, in our small but welcoming living room. The “Sabbatical” does not officially end until next week, but we have been back from our travels since Aug 7. That means it was 8 weeks ago tomorrow morning that we drove away in our loaded-up van! (Took more than we used or needed–makes it hard to find stuff!) So, one take away is “Travel light.” (I “knew” that before! Now I know it a lot better!!)

Life has picked up steam on the home front already in mid-August. My husband is transitioning well and I am still getting used to being back!!

But it was a superb experience, or whole string of them, with over 7500 miles driven, many people and lovely landscapes–along with a few awful ones and one very-cold tent night!

We want to review the fun places together with friends soon. (I finally got the photos moved to computer I think!)
Here’s some new:


Marye, our hostess at Prairie Rose Bed and (fabulous) Breakfast in Anama, IA last week. She is wonderful!


A piece of Amana history in a painting there by J. Noe.