Jesus is with us.

He calls forward

Our most noble selves,

The persons He 100% invites out into the open.

His “poema,” masterpiece.

That is our redeemed, true self,

Always becoming, in Him, with Him,

Never alone.

I love that, need that and do know that–down to my bones!

(But I also need to be reminded–often.)


You emptied Yourself

Of Home glory

To become one of us, here, in a body.

Even as an infant, in poverty,

Pushed out by the crowd,

Rejected by Your own.

You touched, healed,

Fed, bled,

Loved, and now, even through us here.

You broke that stone table of condemnation. You made a way for unholy to be all in white.

You won,






(Christmas’ announcement.)















Today pulling myself together:

All of me, here, present, awake, ready.

Choosing peace, hope, beauty along with a strong will to work in a focussed, persisting way today.

Receiving from Him who gave His life a ransom for my soul, who is now God with us–Immanuel.

Responding with gratitude for gifts of life, forgiveness, love and mercy.

Trusting Him here for each challenge now.

Joy comes, and even spills over.





Tuesday Thoughts

Today is not an ordinary Tuesday. It may seem like that in a few ways, but it is a major day in my life, in my family’s life too.

Sometimes what separates the mundane from the extraordinary is that little flash of awareness about what matters.

Today what matters is trusting God constantly and just focussing on now. (Yes, that’s always true, but I see it better today.)

We are learning to speak truth in love more and that is extraordinary.