Quartet: Putting a Lid on Things, But, Maybe, You

Putting a Lid on Things

We all do it, of course.

We all want some things to hide

Or be hidden.

We would prefer to put a lid on it.

Make it pretty.

Cover it up.

Don’t let it spill.

Now, let’s go back to where we were…


But we know, deep in our hearts,

Whatever it was

Is still there.

There, under that lid.


Maybe the stuff we fear to expose

Would not actually kill us

If it were seen.

Maybe some of it may even have value, be redeemable.



Maybe a lot.


You see all, know all.

You can tell what’s under all of our lids.

And You still sent Jesus to

Die for us

While we were very messed up,

Sinful to the core.

Utterly unable to

Make ourselves okay.

You welcome us to come

To Your open arms

And find grace.


Good Enough Mom (& Dad) Reality Check


“You can’t make me!” our angry preschooler throws back at us in the heat of the moment.

We take a deep breath–if we can calm down enough to just do that. By this time our heart-rate is racing–our “relational brain circuits” are likely shut off.

We are very close to losing it ourselves. (If we haven’t already. Staying calm is no longer something available–maybe just avoid a crime!)

I  know most (if not all) moms out there (or dads?) can identify with all this. Probably every day. We so want to do a decent job as parents and we find it way out of our league a lot of the time.

The purpose of this post is to affirm “good enough moms” (and dads) in the internal war we fight about how well we are parenting.

When we admit our own brokenness and receive God’s merciful love ourselves, we can better love our kids–without being perfect, or even close to perfect.

We can admit (maybe slowly) the imperfectness of each human person, big or little, and love them, receive love ourselves, free from that crippling demand to be (or raise) superstars.

REALITY #1: This is a very hard job, if deeply rewarding, eventually. 

REALITY #2: You are not alone. Your Heavenly Father (and theirs) is always right there with you.

REALITY #3: Love is worth what it is costing you. This includes learning and teaching self-control, which we all fail to do well at times, maybe even a lot of the time. Worth the cost.

Grace is available and we can grow, day by day, and so can our children, who also need grace. (Mercy, forgiveness, humility, admitting we need help from the Lord, receiving His strength, hope, supernatural power to change from what is wrong to what is actually holy, good, life-giving.)

REALITY #4: Perfection does not exist, outside of Heaven and the character of God, revealed in our Lord Jesus Christ. The sooner we let go of perfectionistic expectations (of ourselves or of our children), the better. “Good enough” (i.e., not perfect) can truly be good enough.


No Matter How I May Starve or Kill It…

Creativity never dies of its own accord. If it is squelched, pushed away, suffocated even, it will find a way to resurrect. It is like God. He creates and He makes us makers too.

That spark in us that dreams, doodles, plays, crafts, designs, sings, dances, paints, constructs, arranges–loves–it’s essence is expressive creativity, energy, life.

That is undeniably from God and often is God.

It is us too. We are in what we express. We see God in His Creation. (Which includes us and all we have to give out again.)

It has all first been a gift from the ultimate Artist of all time. We are His poema, His craftsmanship, His beloved ones.

Live. Love. Create!

by Lois Freeman Easley

11 July 2012

West Chicago, Illinois USA